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Souths - Just For Fun Page!

(Also known as the "If Only" Page!)

Counting since 2/3/02

MY RABBITOH'S PHOTOS / COLLECTABLES SITE (in excess of 400 photos etc)
FIGHTBACK HISTORY! (Previously was the Rugby League Boycott Site - heaps of LINKS etc)

The images used on this page depict many of our new found Souths friends (if only!!!). They are not intended to embarrass, cause ill feeling, upset, give the sh..s to anyone in any way. They are purely just a fun dig at many things South's supporters were 'repulsed' by during our 2 plus years of exclusion from the Australian National Rugby League competition until finally we won a court case showing that we should not have been kicked out of the competition by the News Limited owned NRL, especially because we refused to tow the line and merge which meant the loss of everything dear to Souths and it's huge supporter base. (Want to know more then visit my other pages and associated links to many of the others that exist on the Internet etc etc)

As Souths supporters we want to try and forgive (won't ever forget) but to ease the pain, and in the good old Aussie way, take this opportunity to take the 'mickey' out of (have harmless fun) some of those non-believers, now all of a sudden believers (back-flippers) etc. Perhaps if 'anyone' on here would apologise for what I, and other Souths supporters, have been through then......that's me trying to will take time, just maybe around 2 1/2 years! LOL. So if you are about to 'forget', although I doubt anyone will, then just come back here. This is rememberence alley!

To go to my other site, the main boycott history page (previously was the boycott page), you simply click on the link:-
Same link can also be found at the bottom of every 'album' page. On that site you will also find graphics of past fightback / supporter stickers etc, most not on these pages.

As certain images depicted are "official" logos etc that have been re-dressed in Souths colours this site can not allow them to be used. This is on an honour system as stopping the download via the left mouse button is fairly futile as access to the files is still relatively easy given that web pages are temporarily stored on your hardrive. So if you use them I have not given permission! Cheers, and enjoy the page and if you have something you think should be given the "Red" and "Green" treatment keeping it in the spirit of fun then email me.

Some of this stuff is pretty silly but hey some say I am pretty silly for being a Souths supporter. (How many times can some people get it so wrong) LOL LOL LOL. One minute we are not wanted and the next everyone is all over us and making a quid out of it.

To those that do not have a clue what is going on here.....don't worry as nothing on here is for real!

Finally, I hope to add to this page now and then so come back when you have time.


Rupert, a true Souths supporter?

Mr Murdoch is really a closet Souths supporter and Souths are the only thing that makes him smile so it appears! Only too glad to brighten up your day, oh and thanks for backing us all the way, mate! Winners are grinners and so it seems losers are too?

Foxtel Van sporting the Rabbitoh's colours

Nice colours but still don't bother knocking on my door just yet!

Thanks Mr Howard

Mr Howard, our Prime Minister of the time, ordered these new colours for Parliament House. He was there with us all the way...really he was!!!

Bill Harrigan in Souths Colours

Top Referee (that's what the NRL says!), Bill Harrigan, also really a closet Souths Man? Wouldn't know it from some of his decisions on the footy field but we like you, and you are coming around? Like it says you may as well join us! Good choice of colours for our referees don't you think? See the sponsors logo on his right arm? Now this is a sad shame as Ansett Airlines stopped trading after over 60 years on 5.3.02!

Red and Green Footy Show Logo

Well these guys take one of the highest "Bandwagon / Backflip" awards of the century. Follow Souths but watch the AFL Footy Show instead, its entertaining at least! Oh all right I'll forgive and watch it in 2002.....maybe! What is a "Fatty"? Something you wake up with in the, morning, I hope not. LOL. Looking forward to Fatty Vautin and Sterling and Co next year and beyond because all that counts is Souths are back!

NRL's new logo

There is no truth in the rumour that Souths were going to takeover the NRL which was to be called the New Rabbitoh League! Souths only stick with winners. If they were to get their act together finally then give us a ring. LOL.

Red and Green Touch Judge flags

Nice eh, do you think they'll clash with our jersey?

Red and Green Telstra Logo

Good to see the money this mob spends on mindless advertising and sponsorship whilst continually putting up charges and then not giving service, like fixing a broken phone for elderly and the sick. But hey who am I to judge considering their new look red and green coloured logo! Sorry to come the heavy with this one but have a personal stake in what have said.

Official Souths Sydney Rabbitohs Logo - not a joke!

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Otherwise the 'fightback' years will have just been a waste of time and money - UP THE RABBITOHS!

MY RABBITOH'S PHOTOS / COLLECTABLES SITE (in excess of 400 photos etc)
FIGHTBACK HISTORY! (Previously was the Rugby League Boycott Site - heaps of LINKS etc)

This page first posted to the Internet on 2nd March 2002 and is updated regulary.
Actual sites last update can be found near the bottom of the main Bravenet hosted page which can be located from the link "FIGHTBACK HISTORY!" just above.

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Should you find anything on this page that is offensive, copyrighted or incorrect please e-mail me and if proven so it will be removed if necessary. (PLEASE NOTE THAT ITEMS HERE ARE INTENDED AS FUN / LIGHT HEARTED ATEMPTS AT HUMOUR & IN NO WAY INTENTIONAL TO OFFEND) In making this page I may have obtained some images etc from other sites that claimed them to be freely available! Also the gathering of information is attributed to much searching of the web, Souths e-group members etc. I acknowledge those sites and people - Thanks. Any 'dead' links please send me an e-mail. (The number of links on this page make it virtually impossible in continually verifying all of their individual currency / status on the net. Thankyou.

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